Dublins EV Taxi

Everywhere you look in Dublin there is one constant, tourists and taxis. They are everywhere and ferrying people all around the city every day, which as you can imagine is creating polloution and lots of it.

We have noticed that there is a very small amount of EV Taxis and there isn’t anything to say it’s a bad idea. Their range is suitable for a day of city driving and they are cheap to run.

Carrig Cabs based out of Greystones Wicklow is a prominent company we have noticed that use an EV Nissan Leaf to taxi around Wicklow and Dublin, specialising in Airport and Ferry Transfers.

We love seeing enthusiastic companies like this doing EV Taxi and hope to see them more soon, EV’s are definitely the way forward in the future of taxiing!

Check them out on Instagram at @CarrigCabs

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