The New Electric Mercedes SUV

In September this year, Mercedes introduced an incredible new vehicle in Stockholm, Sweden. It is called the EQC, and it is their first all electric SUV.

Tesla has a corner on the EV SUV market at the minute with their Model X, however this EQC and also the Jaguar i Pace SUV definitely threatens that. The EQC is a new project by Mercedes and should arrive in Ireland as a production car by September 2019. It is aimed at the buyers of expensive luxury EV’s and is therefore priced there starting at 84,000 Euros.

The EQC is based on Mercedes existing GLC platform and shares similarities in design however is instantly recognisable as a new model due to its modern lighting and space age silver launch colour. No doubt this colour will be a popular option.. It is a mid size SUV and the battery pack will sit along the floor giving it a lower center of gravity and better handling. The range according to Mercedes will sit around 450kms and it can be charged from 10% or less to 80% in just 40 minutes at a fast charger.

The interior is also following the trend of the new Mercedes and looks very futuristic while maintaining the solid and high quality look that sets Mercedes interiors apart from the rest. The interior can also be pre warmed before you get into the car. This shows how powerful the batteries are!

The EQC is not only a new Mercedes concept vehicle but proof that Mercedes are getting serious about EV’s and we are seeing manufacturers dropping new Hybrid and Electric Vehicles left right, and center!

We cannot wait to see the EQC in person and see plenty of them hopefully hitting Irish shores!

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