How do the Teslas do at Runwayclub Ireland?

Runwayclub Ireland is a new event that has sprung up in the last year at Weston Aerodrome in Dublin. We were down there at their ‘Challenge 1000’ Event in October to check it out!

From the moment of arriving we could see its a meticulously setup event with every detail looked after and shuttle buses ferrying spectators up and down the runway.

The quality of cars was not to be dismissed either, there were multiple Audi R8’s, a Ferrari F12 and Mclaren 720s which managed to break the record on the day with a top speed over 1km of 289kmh!

This is not what we were really interested in seeing though. We wanted to see how Tesla’s managed the 1km vs other cars and how incredibly fast they were. There was 3 Model S’ present, one of which being the ultra fast P100D!

Watching them take off was something else, the aggression at which they left the line was astounding, the front of the car rearing up as if it was a lion and the rear squatting down into its suspension and shoving the car through the air like a hot knife through butter!

Unfortunately the Teslas did not have much luck in beating other petrol sports cars due to their lack of top end, always embarrassing everything else in the launch but failing to keep the gap open.

It was an incredible sight to see, a great day and well worth going. We can’t wait for the next one!

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