Why Don’t The Government Drive EV’s?

If the Government is incentivising the sales of EV’s and PHEV’s for the public then why aren’t all government people driving them?

The Taoiseach uses either a diesel BMW or an Audi diesel. Why don’t they use EV’s or PHEV’s? It would set a terrific example for the rest of the country to want them.

We would expect that soon after incentivising these for so long that government workers would use them as their company cars but we are not even seeing our countries leaders using them!

Civil services are looking at the use of these and the Gardai have use of six BMW i3 EV’s but this is still minute as the Defence forces do not use them when they could be.

There are 4000+ Hybrid and Electroic cars in Ireland and only a handful Government owned.

So the question stands, will we see much more of them in use by 2020 and why aren’t they being use now?

Written by Daniel Sullivan.

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