The Electric Ferrari

When California based Electric Car enthusiast Eric Hutchinson and some friends sat around with some beers the idea came around of an Electric Ferrari. And so the idea was born.

The car started out as a 1978 Ferrari 308 which had been fire damaged after a fuel leak had set the engine on fire. With a perfectly good rolling chassis and no engine it was the perfect starter car for such a project.

Obviously it is a massive project to take on and there were a lot of people shaming it as such a car should be petrol powered, however when the car is condemned to a life in the junkyard and it saved by someone like Eric what’s not to love!

Thousands of hours later and the car was complete. The car contains three batteries, where the gas tank used to be and has near double the power and double the torque of the original car. It beat an original 308 by 10 seconds on a mile and a half long circuit!

Hutchinson has now sold the car to a Californian buyer and we are excited to see what comes next!

The car is now for sale again. Visit ElectricGT for more.

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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