The $2.1 Million Electric Car You Can’t Buy

Rimac Automobiles out of Croatia are a relatively new upstart both in the Electric Car world and also the hypercar world, starting out with the phenomenally well engineered and designed Rimac concept one in 2013 and it quickly proved to be the fastest accelerating car in the world, beating the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 on drag strips by a lengthly distance.

Back in March at the 2018 Geneva Autoshow, Rimac unveiled the Rimac Concept Two, an all new car to replace the Concept One.

Containing 1,914 bhp worth of electric power the company has claimed that the car will accelerate from 0-100kmph in 1.85 seconds and on to a top speed of 268mph. Bold claims yet the Concept one did everything that they said it would. Despite this seemingly savage performance they claim it will do 400 miles of daily driving range or two full laps of the Nurburgring.

Once you’ve exhausted your batteries at the ring you won’t have to spend hours there waiting to charge the car as they claim it can be charged again to 80 percent within 30 minutes.

The thirty year old company owner and founder, Mate is a genius who could not resist adding even more insane technology to the car. The total computing power of the accessories equates to more than 22 Macbooks! It will feature level 4 autonomous ability with 8 cameras monitoring the cars surroundings hundreds of times a second, 6 radar emitters, 12 Ultrasonic sensorswith LiDAR light detection and ranging. The cardoesn’t even use a conventional key, but using facial recognition sensors to unlock the car and power up it’s motors.

Still, if you are impressed with all of this tech and want your name down for one you are in for disappointment. All 150 were sold within weeks of the cars debut, and despite the massive $2.1 Million dollar starting price, the average customer is speccing an additional $600,000 with of options!

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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