Tesla Goes Racing

Electric GT have only recently delivered the first car ready to be converted into an all electric racecar for the new Electric GT Championship.

The first team to recieve a race ready car is SPV Racing.
The first planned racecar was to be built using the Model S P85D however, once the P100D was brought out featuring ludicrous mode it was decided that they would go with that. With an apparent 1,000 lbs of weight removed due to the car being stripped out and the new, wider body being mainly built from bio composites the new car is claimed to hit 60 mph from a stop in 2.0 seconds.

The brakes and suspension have been overhauled and strengthened with a roll cage also being integrated into the car. The car was delivered to SPV racing in Barcelona in late June and took to the track with multiple journalists getting passenger rides and Tiff Needell driving it for Lovecars.

With Needell behind the wheel the car only laster for one and a half laps, five miles before overheating. A spokesman for Electric GT claims that full power is the reason that it overheated so fast as the racecar still uses the P100D’s 778hp drivetrain.

The spokesperson also said that this was the first full day of testing at race speeds in the heat however it was not just that that had made it overheat as it had been on the track for longer before. Sensor issues were also found be engineers that allowed the battery to get very hot when they shouldn’t have.

The cars are claimed to be able to manage full race distances but with the electric motor restricted, only allowing approx 470hp to be available with the remaining power working as a sort of DRS system, available for instances when more power is needed such as for overtaking.

We are looking forward to seeing these issues resolved and the cars delivered to the teams. The first Electric GT championship is scheduled to start in November.

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