Why Electric Cars Are Taking Over Faster Than You Think


We think PHEV’s and BEV’s are going to become a regular sight on Irish roads much faster than many people are predicting. Out of 1 billion cars currently roaming the earth, only 2 million are electric. However that is still a vast amount for a vehicle that has only really become domestically available in the last 5 years and sales are growing at a dramatic rate per year. This will take a large chunk out of petrol and diesel usage which we think will become noticeable in the next 5 years.

We think that there will not be double the amount of EV’s on our roads in the next 5 years but triple that. The key to EV’s becoming cheaper, having longer range and being more user friendly is the lithium ion batteries. As technology fast develops and these batteries become longer lasting and cheaper to produce this will skyrocket EV sales.

Huge oil companies such as Total SA have said predicted that by the late 2020s there will be 20 million EV’s on the roads. Electric cars were laughed at in 2010 and still seen as a fad and a novelty. The market was mainly concentrated on the luxury side of things and most EV’s were expensive. But look where we are now.

When we take a look at Ireland EV and PHEV sales stats we can see that they are on the way up and fast. From January 2018 to July 2018 there have been 915 new EV’s sold in Ireland. This represents a phenomenal 88.66% growth over 2017. There were also 575 PHEV’s sold which is an absolutely huge growth of 163.8% over 2017.

In totaly, PHEV’s and EV’s combined there were 1756 cars registered in Ireland in 2014. For the first half of 2018, including PHEV’s, BEV’s and also imported cars there were a total of 2,428 sold in Ireland. This is a huge growth in 2014 statistics and for only one half of the year.

We cannot wait to see the total amount and what the future holds for Irish EV’s!

Written by Daniel Sullivan.

Sales Statistics provided by www.irishevowners.ie

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