BMW i3 Overview

The BMW i3 is one of the best small electric vehicles available for sale today albeit at a higher price point than you would expect from a small city car. However in terms of design, and interior the i3 retains the panache of the i8 model.

The means of propulsion is a single drive electric motor drawing from a high voltage lithium battery with an outage of 94ah. This produces a very respectable 170bhp and 186lb ft of torque, can manage 0-60 in 7.2 seconds and a top speed of 92mph. More than enough performance than you will ever need from a small city EV and has a top speed that will make it very comfortable on the motorway.

The official range is 186 miles but obviously this is reduced depending on your driving style. There is a £3k extra ICE pack availavle which extends the range a little but can have a negative effect on performance. On the flip side the i3 is available now as the i3S. This car has 14hp and 15ft lb up on the standard i3 and according to BMW ‘enhances agility and enables controlled drifts’. It will be exciting to see this in action!

The BMW i3 starts at 47,950 euros in Ireland.

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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