Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode – How does it work?


For a whole now, the Tesla Model S equipped with ludicrous mode has been seen on Youtube embarrasing many supercars at drag strips. But why? And how does it work in simple terms?

Ludicrous mode is a system that can be equipped in the Tesla Model S P100D which allows the car to accelerate from a dead stop to 100kmph in 2.6 seconds. And that drops to 2.3 seconds when the car has the ‘Ludicrous Plus’ upgrade.

Put in simple language, the amount of conductors transferring enegry from the batteries and translating into rotation of the wheels can be temporarily increased allowing the car to produce more power for a short duration to the tune of 1500 amps up from 1300. This gives the car the much needed torque to snap the neck of you and your passengers off the line! We look forward to experiencing this ourselves!

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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