You didn’t think Formula E were the only EV racecars did you?


The unusually named “Acciona 110% Ecopowered” from Spain was the first EV vehicle to undertake the brutal Dakar rally and come out the other end in one piece.

In the beginning of June the company decided to enter it in the 2018 Finke desert race, a gruelling desert race over four days in Alice Springs.

Utilising massive offroad tyres and very complex Nitrogen suspension, the Acciona is designed to take a beating over whatever terrain the race throws at it. The car runs on eight lithium ion batteries with a solar panel on the roof to supplement energy.

The man who watched over the build process and runs the Jaton racing team, Ariel Jaton says that there is definitely a future for EV rallying but also that it may just become normal rallying when the petrol powered cars are phased out.

Written by Daniel sullivan

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