How the EV Grants Scheme Works

How do EV Government grants work?

One of the main incentives to own an EV or Hybrid car in Ireland today is the opportunity to recieve Government grants when purchasing the car and certain other reliefs and benefits to owning an EV / Hybrid. The intention of this post is to lay all of this out in a clear fashion.

CO2 emissions do not exist from Electric Cars as they have no engines and Hybrids do emit CO2 as they have petrol or diesel engines.

Motor Tax for a BEV (battery electric vehicle) is 120 euros and for a PHEV (plug in hybrid electric vehicle) it is 170 euros.

A maximum grant of 3,800 euros is available to people buying qualifying new electric and hybrids cars and a maximum grant of 5,000 euros is available to people buying electric cars privately.

Any Electric car that is not approved by the government with a base new price of 14,000 euros do not qualify for a grant.

List Price of Approved EV

Grant Amount

€14,000 to €15,000 €2,000
€15,000 to €16,000 €2,500
€16,000 to €17,000 €3,000
€17,000 to €18,000 €3,500
Greater than €18,000 €3,800


The grant does not need to be applied for by the purchaser of the EV and will be applied by a dealership that the car is purchased from. The dealer will apply for the grant and subtract it from the total list price of the car.

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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