Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Overview

Porsche Panamera 4 E Hybrid

This new car is the latest from Porsches 4 door saloon car line, the Panamera. In 2011 Porsche released the first Panamera Hybrid using an Audi – sourced supercharged V6 along with a 46bhp electric motor.

Then in 2013 Porsche unveiled the plug in hybrid Panamera which had a 95bhp electric motor and could reach 84mph in full electric mode.

The 2018 Panamera now still uses a V6 albeit now twin turbo not supercharged. It is four wheel drive and has 326bhp. Electric power amounts to 134bhp, 456bhp total, and the car still uses a PDK 8 speed transmission, and as we have seen with Porsches GT3 line, PDK transmissions are smoother and shift faster than most other transmissions available today.

For those who are still not convcined by the Panameras looks despite several facelifts since its launch then the 4 E- Hybrid is also available in the drop dead gorgeous estate ‘Sport Turismo’ guise.

The car comes with self levelling suspension which helps to elimiate the feel of the weight added by the electric motors.

The car starts at 122,766 euros and has a yearly road tax cost of 170 euros opposed to 750 for any of the non hybrid Panamera line.

Written by Daniel Sullivan

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