Live in the city? EV’s are saving your life

As we have discussed in previous articles, electric vehicles cannot often be as green as we think in terms of charging and electricity production to power the car, however there is one area in which they do untold amounts of good for the environment and the health of those surrounding them.

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You can see the above photo of Los Angeles and it clearly shows a smog hanging over the city. This has developed over the last 100 years due to emissions from petrol powered cars being pumped into the concentrated atmosphere around the city and never leaving. This can have a detrimental effect on the health of those breathing in the smog day in day out. The solution? Electric cars. You can see the photo below of Beijing after for a week, cars were banned in the city. The air became massively clear and clean just from the lack of cars. The same effect would be had on all cities around the world with EV’s driving around producing zero emissions for us to breathe in.

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In the Los Angeles area of California, the air pollution regularly exceeds the level that is deemed safe by experts. 1,341 people are expected to die every year of deaths related to air pollution in the Los Angeles / Glendale area. This is comparable to statistics of deaths from drunk driving, Researches believe that their results on this were conservative as they did not count the deaths related to chronic illnesses and cancers that can take years to develop.


A typical driver dumps 4.7 metric tons of pollution into the atmosphere annually whereas the typical electric car driver dumps at least 50% less than that into the atmosphere. We can only imagine what skies would look like if everyone in Los Angeles drove an EV for a month!


Daniel Sullivan

Senior Journalist

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