Porsche Destroys EV Nurburgring Lap Record!

It has been done!

The Germans have managed to hustle their all electric new four door sedan, the ‘Taycan’ – (pronounced Tie-Can) around the 13 mile Nurburgring course in Germany.

I’m sure you are familiar with the Ring but if not, the track is an intensely complicated and tough 13 mile road course set in the town of Nurburg in Germany, and it is generally the benchmark for testing a cars overall performance.

Porsche have set a record of 7 mins and 42 secs, which for a petrol powered car is blisteringly fast, nevermind an EV. The question that now remains is, how long will this record remain unchallenged for, and if it is beaten, who will hold the crown?

We’re looking at you Tesla.

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