The Electric Aston Martin is Here!

Back in January we did an article on the top 5 EV’s we were looking forward to in 2019 and possibly the most exciting one has just dropped yesterday.

Aston Martin have unveiled a new all electric version of their slick Rapide supercar. James Bond won’t have to worry about his emissions anymore with this marriage of timeless style and 2019 Electric technology.

The Rapide E has an 800V battery encased in carbon fibre (as you do!), the capacity is 65kWh and this is achieved through 5600 lithium ion batteries. This equates to 601bhp and 700 lb ft of torque being put to the ground through the rear wheels. The 0-60 time is under four seconds and it will accelerate from 95-112 kmph in just 1.5 seconds. Handy for those small gaps for overtaking on the motorway then.

The new battery technology encased in the Rapide E is said to not decrease performance over time as other EV’s do, so much so that Aston Martin intends to complete a full lap of the Nurburgring without seeing any decrease in performance.

The stunning clock face intricate dials that we love from the existing rapide are being replaced with a 10 inch screen with all of the information one could need being displayed. There are multiple driving modes with the car becoming more or less aggressive depending on how brave you feel ranging from GT, Sport up to Sport+.

Charging time is an estimated 185 miles per hour on a 50kW charger or 310 miles per hour using 100kW, this will produce a range of 200 miles.

Seemingly the only downside to this stunning package is that Aston Martin say they will only be producing 155 of these cars at an undisclosed price however our guess is it won’t be an easy trade in from a Leaf!

Where the 6.0l V12 used to live!
Even with a new 10 inch Electronic Display, the Rapide E retains the quality and class we know and love.

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