2019’s Top 5 Upcoming EV’s!

As we enter another year, another years worth of development surges into Electric Cars in Ireland and we are always shocked at how far they have come in the previous 12 months!

Here is a selection of EV’s from major manufacturers that we are most excited about seeing in 2019

1.Porsche Taycan

Porsche as we have seen, have had massive success with the Panamera and more recently the Panamera Hybrid. Now in the last year they have shown off a new concept first dubbed the Mission E, but now given its official name the “Taycan”.

These should hopefully be hitting the streets in 2019. The interior is a very modern and typically german perfectionistic approach to it with space age digital screens and the latest of modern tech! These should be hitting the roads in the latter months of 2019 and we will be sure to provide the best content when they do!

porsche taycan mission e e2. The Tesla Model 3 is something we have been waiting in anticipation for for a while now if you have read our previous articles!

These are supposedly going into assembly in the mid 2019 stage, we won’t bore you with the stats again but if you are interested please read our previous article here!

tesla model 3 ev

3. The Audi E Tron sportback is a car thats sprouted up relatively quickly compared to the Taycan and Model 3, the concept of which have been prominet in the media for quite a while now.

In actual fact the E Tron idea has been around since 2010 but only in the last 12 months have we noticed a large push to get it on the road.

We have no solid info regarding drivetrain only that it will be a flat floor assembly with the batteries layed flat along the floor. Once again we will be providing a full write up on this car when we have more information!

audi e tron4. Aston Martin Rapide EThe new Aston Martin RapidE is their version of the all-electric variant of the Rapide V12 Sedan. The company collaborated with LeEco and took investment on the development from a Chinese group of investors associated with Faraday Future to speed the production timeline. Details are scarce so far unfortunately but what we know is that the new RapidE all electric for 2019 will have a 200 mile range with over 800 horsepower, This is something we are seriously looking forward to as we all know, Aston Martin are one of the coolest compaines to produce cars so to see them do an EV is very cool.
aston martin rapide electric

5. Well… It was too hard to narrow it down! We are so excited for the new cars coming this year that we couldnt pick a fifth. The Jaguar XJ E and the Mini E were close but it really was impossible to pick a favourite. Please check our site throughout 2019 for updates and features on the cars we’ve listed today and much more!

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