From Russia With EV Power!

We are starting to see more and more EV conversions on cars nowadays so this should be nothing out of the ordinary. However it is.

Russia is the last place we expect to see an EV adaptation of Americas most iconic muscle car. Aviar motors are a new startup who have showed us a concept of their new R67. If you’re a Mustang purist don’t worry, as these are all carbon fibre bodies based on aluminium chassis so there will not be any original Mustangs sacrificed!

They have showed us an electric motor figure of 840bhp and 700lb ft of torque. Couple that with the lightweight body and we should have one hell of a fast car on our hands. Their predicted numbers are 0-60 in 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 150mph. Tesla battering on paper! It also has an active aerodynamic spolier on the rear and the same with a splitter on the front. Air suspension that lowers at speed will also be features along with traction control, so it sounds like it will be incredibly fast and handle very well.

Aviar claim that the 100kw battery will last 315 miles on a charge which is more than respectable, hopefully we will have more information regarding price soon, as it looks incredibly promising for the future of retro EV’s!

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